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Swarna Bindhu Prashana

Swarna Bindhu Prashana

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Swarna Bindu Prashana is a hero-metallic preparation that primarily contains gold nanoparticles (Swarna Prashan), cow ghee (gou ghrita), and honey (madhu). It also contains other medicinal ingredients that boost cognitive processes.

Swarna Prashana is recommended to be taken immediately after birth and continued till the age of 16 years. Swarna Prashana can be taken daily for a period of 30 days or can be taken specifically on the pushya nakshatra. Swarna Prashana must be adopted during the early years of age in children.

Swarna Bindhu Prashana is an ayurvedic medicine for children mainly given to increase immunity, recurrent illness, concentration, and memory recall. Suvarnaprashan is given to children in the morning daily or on every pushya nakshatra for at least one year for excellent results.

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